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tv & film editor

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Bolan's Shoes - Feature film by Buffalo Dragon
Sister Midnight - Feature film by Wellington Films & Griffin Pictures
The Dumping Ground - CBBC
So Awkward Academy - Channel X North for CBBC
Jelly - Short film by Panad Productions
The Girl with the Haunted Vagina - Short film by Panad Productions



'Algorithm Party' (Feature film, 2024)

Hurricane Films

Directed by Roy Boulter

Produced by Roy Boulter & Solon Papadopoulos

'Sister Midnight' (Feature film, 2024 - Assembly Editor)

Griffin Pictures & Wellington Films

Directed by Karan Kandhari

Produced by Alastair Clark & Anna Griffin

'Odd Squad UK' (2024)

12 x 11' for BBC Studios Kids & Family

and Sinking Ship Entertainment

Directed by Adam Jenkins

Produced by Spencer Campbell & Lauren Huggins

'Bolan's Shoes' (Feature film, 2023)

With Abi Wright & Chris Gill for Buffalo Dragon

Directed by Ian Puleston-Davies

Produced by Terri Dwyer & Greg Barrow

'So Awkward' (Series 8, 2023)

3 x 26' for Channel X North

Directed by Alex Carter

Produced by Joanna Blake

'The Dumping Ground' (Series 6-11, 2018-2023)
29 x 30' for BBC Studios Kids & Family
Directed by Alex Jacob, Tracey Larcombe, Nicole Volavka, Gary Williams, Sean Glynn, Sunny Bahia, Alex Browning

& Daymon Britton
​Produced by Gert Thomas, Emma Bodger, Kim Crowther, Jonathan Wolfman & Gina Cronk

'Lagging' (Series 2, 2022)
3 x 24' for BBC Studios Kids & Family
Exec Produced by Jon Rolph

'Biff & Chip' (Series 2 & 3, 2022)
15 x 11' for BBC Studios Kids & Family
Directed by Simon Massey
​Produced by Philip Cooper

'4 O'Clock Club' (Series 6-9, 2017-2020)
16 x 30' for CBBC
Directed by Alex Jacob, Ian Aryeh & Christine Lalla
Produced by Dominic MacDonald, Stuart Blackburn & Gert Thomas

'Broken' (as Junior Editor, 2018)
6 x 60' for LA Productions
Directed by Ashley Pearce & Noreen Kershaw
Produced by Donna Molloy



Leapling Films / BFI Network

13' Directed by Joshua Reeves (2024)

'Things to Come'

6' Directed by Daymon Britton (2023)

'The Girl with the Haunted Vagina'
Panad Productions / BFI Network
12' Directed by Samantha O'Rourke (2023)

Panad Productions / Mad as Birds Films
15' Directed by Samantha O'Rourke (2021)
BBC iPlayer & All4

  • Iris Prize Film Festival & Chapter Film Festival

Inspire Actors Studio
22' Directed by Michael Keogh (2019)
Inspire Actors Studio

'Ceremony' (2017)
67' for Shadylane/Tigerlily Productions
Directed by Phil Collins

Produced by
Film segments

  • Manchester International Festival

'Without MAlice'
Beautiful Productions
7' Directed by Chris Gaffey (2016)



'Britain's Best Young Artist'
Series 2 (2022) 1 x 30'
Series Producer Rob Jenkinson

'Saturday Mash-Up!'
Series 2-4 (2019-2021)
Series Producer Jamie Wilson

'The Dengineers'
Series 6 (2021) 4 x 30'
Producer/Director Tanuja East
Series Producer Matt Peacock

'Max & Harvey: FOMO'
Series Producer Oliver Pirk

'For What It's Worth'
Tuesday's Child
Series 1-2 (2015-2016)
Series Producer Dinkesh Miesuria


'Celebrity Supply Teacher'
Series 2 (2020) 6 x 10'
Produced by Tanuja East
Series Producer Matt Peacock

'Live Lessons 2020'
BBC Teach
Edit produced by Rob Morris

'Tomorrow's World'
'Donate Your Data Day'
'My Life, My Data #MyTomorrow'
BBC iPlayer
2 x 10' (2018)
Produced & Directed by Lee Hardman





Rabbit Trap (2024)


Edited by Brett W. Bachman

Directed by Bryn Chainey

The Almond and the Seahorse (2021)
Mad as Birds Films
Edited by Mike Jones
Produced by Alison Brister, Alex Ashworth, Andy Evans & Sean Marley

Six Minutes to Midnight (2020)
Mad as Birds Films
Edited by Mike Jones
Produced by Andy Evans, Sean Marley, Ade Shannon & Sarah Townsend

Sometimes Always Never (2018)
Hurricane Films
Edited by Stephen Haren
Produced by Roy Boulter & Sol Papadopoulos

Northern Soul (2014)
Stubborn Heart Films
Edited by Stephen Haren
Produced by Debbie Gray



Bloods Series 2 (2022)
Roughcut TV
Edited by David Stark
Produced by Debbie Pisani

Creeped Out Series 1 (2017)
CBBC / DHX Media
Edited by David Stark
Produced by Juliet Charlesworth

Cold Feet Series 6 (2016)
Big Talk
Edited by Mark Davies & Emma Oxley
Produced by Rebecca Ferguson & Deanne Cunningham

Boy Meets Girl Series 1 & 2 (2015-2016)
Tiger Aspect
Edited by Russell Beeden
Produced by Margot Gavan Duffy & Paul McKenzie

Car Share Series 1 (2015)
Goodnight Vienna
Edited by Matt Brown & Peter Hallworth
Produced by Gill Isles

4 O'Clock Club Series 4-6 (2014-2016)
Edited by Russell Beeden, Dave Long, Mike Eccles, Ivan Probert & David Stark
Produced by Dominic MacDonald

Psychobitches Series 2 (2014)
Tiger Aspect
Edited by Peter Hallworth
Produced by Pippa Brown

The Johnny & Inel Show Series 2 (2014)
Edited by Mark Elliott, David Yardley & Chris Blood
Produced by Rebecca Papworth

Young Dracula Series 5 (2014)
Edited by Pete Drinkwater, Natasha Wilkinson & Chris Blood
Produced by Candida Julian-Jones

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